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Advanced Keyword Research Methods By SEO White Label Services

Picking the most popular keywords from the internet is not a big deal, and it’s the most common method to find keywords for marketing. While finding and implementing the keywords, we often neglect the ones with low search volume and high effectiveness. Keywords are the basic source of driving traffic to your marketing campaign, website, and whatnot! If you want to stay discoverable on the internet to target a wider audience, Seo White Label Services has developed a few advanced research methods to find untapped keywords that can boost your rankings. 

Revitalize Your Marketing By Discovering Untapped Keywords with SEO White Label Services

Adding keywords to your blog and web content makes it easy to find on the internet and relevant to targeted audiences. When they type a keyword to find your digital marketing services, they will immediately come across your results.

Unique Keyword Addition

Everyone is targeting the same base keyword over and over again to target the same traffic. As we say, “Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” A majority of newbie marketers think that by adding a high-search volume keyword, we can drive maximum organic traffic to the blog or website, which is a myth. Making space for yourself online before you think about drawing an audience to your source is essential. Adding a word to the base keyword can bring your strategy to life. If you are targeting an influential audience in the cell phone repair business, you can add terms such as 2024 to make it more specific and relevant to the audience. 

Pick Keywords From Relevant Pages

Have you tried exploring the newly published pages to find relevant keywords to drive organic traffic? Instead of looking for keywords in popular pages, you must explore newly published pages attracting organic traffic quickly. Pick their keywords, determine the competition of it, and implement it in your content. Look for the pages with 500+ organic reach to determine their strategy and develop a broad topic. When you pick less competitive keywords, it gives the search engine authority to rank them quickly. 

Determine Search Volume

Before you list all the keywords essential to target, you must determine their search volume. There will be no point in adding them to your content if the competition is too high and industry giants are already working on it. Instead of adding keywords pointlessly in your content, uncover their search volume and explore whether it will help drive the audience to your content. Once you explore all the options, select keywords to maximize your marketing efforts. SEO White Label Services choose keywords from the top 10 and some starting after the 10th position to establish a unique identity.

Keywords by Region

One of the essential research methods never to forget about is targeting keywords by region. If you take inspiration from a different region than yours and use their keywords, it won’t yield any results. When you pick the keywords by region, it helps you filter the audience, and you can target them more precisely. Picking keywords according to a region will help your business stay on trend and bring traffic with the potential to convert immediately. Instead of targeting all, strengthen your local SEO first to boost revenue.

Determine Value with Tools

If you want your digital marketing to be effective and precise, you must have a few tools to help you pick the best keywords. Without these tools, it would be hard to determine the effectiveness of each keyword you are about to implement in content. Tools will be a great addition to your overall marketing strategy and save your marketing efforts from fluctuations. The White label digital marketing agency uses several paid and free tools to determine the value of a keyword, such as

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • AnswerthePublic.

Nothing can be more beneficial to your business than discovering untapped keywords that your competitors are not utilizing to drive traffic. By conducting in-depth research on hidden keywords, you can get your hands on a treasure that will transform your business’s visibility and authority. Instead of running behind the same keywords, it’s time to pursue a different approach for better results.

Let’s get into some of the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of keywords attracts the most traffic?

Instead of focusing on short keywords, find long-tail keywords with less competition to drive more audience. People usually focus on highly competitive keywords that make it hard for your business to secure a top position. Attract the most traffic by targeting long-tail keywords.

How many keywords do Seo White Label Services target to drive traffic?

A professional marketing agency targets several types of keywords to reach a wider audience without running behind the same keyword. To add versatility to your digital marketing plan, you must target the audience with four keywords.

  • Short-tail keywords
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Question keywords
  • Intent targeting keywords

How to choose the best keywords to drive traffic?

The first thing required to choose the best keyword is solid research. Here are the top five tips for finding the best keywords.

  • Think from your customer’s perspective
  • Research your competitor
  • Use keyword research tools
  • Find long-tail keyword

Choosing the keywords low in competition can help you get ahead of the market in every circumstance, and you can enjoy a regular cash stream. If you want to drive solid traffic to your business with no keyword fluctuations, connect to our team today!

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