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What PPC Campaign Mistakes White Label Digital Marketing Agency Avoid?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the top strategy used by marketers to attract sales, leads, and traffic to the business website. From building brand awareness to promoting the services, PPC campaigns can help achieve almost anything, but what if, due to some mistakes, your PPC campaigns are not showing any results? A white label digital marketing agency places your ads strategically to let your business achieve the goal of being highly visible to the targeted market. Here we have compiled some of the common PPC campaign mistakes that make your marketing action plan miserable.

Eliminate These PPC Mistakes from Your Marketing to Meet Business Goals

Before you get into the realm of PPC marketing, it’s essential to understand what lies behind it that can lead you to the marketing destination. A white label digital marketing agency can help you eliminate the PPC mistakes from the action plan to achieve the most out of your marketing plan. Let’s find out what errors are stopping your PPC campaign from performing.

Mismatch Keywords

The PPC campaign starts with broad keywords that target the right audience. An experienced white label digital marketing agency bids on the broad keywords that help drive traffic to increase conversion rates. One of the mistakes that marketers are most likely to go through is mismatched keywords. When setting up your campaign, research relevant keywords and show the results to your audience useful to them.

Not Targeting Audience

Many marketers or business owners make the mistake of targeting everyone while publishing their first PPC campaign, which results in nothing. Everyone is not interested in your product/services, and before you target everyone to gain incredible sales, you should learn more about the targeted audience. Instead of wasting your marketing budget on something not worth the effort, target the audience looking out for your services by including several aspects in the targeting. A white label marketing agency targets the right audience for your business and helps you spread the word.

Ineffective Landing Page

Your PPC campaign will only yield the desired results with an effective landing page. With a landing page, your visitor can understand what you offer, how much you know your audience, and why they should choose you. An absence of a landing page can make all your hard work go in vain and will make your audience confused. You can achieve staggering sales by following the best practices, pulling the right marketing triggers, and adding relevant keywords.

Lack of Split Testing

With the versatile knowledge about the targeted industry, it would be easier to create several variations of the same campaign to split testing. The white label services can change the perspective of your business by targeting the audience according to their preferences. By creating several versions of the same ad, the agency tests it and decides what works best for the audience. The lack of split testing can worsen your campaign, and you will never know how your audience’s interest will work.

Not Tracking the Right Metrics

If you have no idea what role the metrics play in making your PPC campaign successful, your budget will keep expanding. Metrics will help you track the audience’s interest and what ad or part of the campaign captures most of the attention to improve it further. Before you expect to yield any results or plan to make a new campaign to get more attention, focus on the metrics that can help you understand PPC in-depth.

Every business owner dreams of building their brand stronger with each passing year with the expansion of profit margins. A white label marketing agency develops a perfect PPC campaign action plan for your business once they identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business. If you want to double the profit of your business with a PPC campaign, it’s time to put it all in the responsible hands to outshine your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes a PPC campaign successful?

The success of a PPC campaign depends on various factors, such as landing pages, web content, keyword execution, and more. If your PPC campaign lacks several elements, it will fail to capture the audience’s attention and yield no results.

What are the 5 most important KPIs in a PPC campaign?

The success of a PPC campaign depends on the KPIs responsible for showing where you need to make further improvements to make it a big hit. The 5 important KPIs in the PPC campaigns 


  • The average-click-through rate
  • Impressions
  • Quality score
  • Cost-per-acquisition
  • Average cost per click

Why do most PPC campaigns fail without white-label digital marketing agencies?

PPC campaigns fail miserably when the team lacks professionalism and they don’t have an idea to lead it. A white-label digital marketing agency understands how to lead the PPC campaign, from the execution of keywords to developing the content; they understand it all.

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