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Web Design Mistakes White Label SEO Agency Avoid to Save SEO From Harm

An attractive and creative website shapes your audience’s opinion about your brand. If your website design does not support the business goals, it could harm your SEO efforts and divert your audience to the competitor. A well-designed and structured website works as a backbone for business. Still, you must understand the technicalities before designing a website that can generate traffic and sales for your business. A white label SEO agency can help you avoid the mistakes that harm your SEO and backfire on your every strategy. Let’s find out about some website design mistakes that can delay results.

Drive Targeted Results By Avoiding Website Design Mistakes with a white label SEO agency

A perfectly designed website reflects the core values, unique value propositions, and mission to connect with the audience. Your audience can get frustrated quickly when they can’t navigate around the website. With the help of a white label SEO agency, you can avoid mistakes to improve the brand’s profitability and success.

Poor Content

If it’s been a while since you tried to rank your business website on top, but your SEO efforts are not showing the results, it may be due to poor content. Content can make or break your SEO despite your efforts and strategies. Whenever someone comes to your website and can’t find valuable content about your business or tips that can help them, they immediately take an exit. Poor content can harm your website’s SEO and is critical to the success of your business. 

Hard to Navigate

One of the most overlooked elements of web design is navigation. When visitors land on your website, they navigate through it to learn about services, culture, and why they should choose you over everyone else. A white label SEO agency transforms your website’s difficult navigation into a comfortable one and eliminates all the guesswork for visitors. From the drop-down menus to the overall accessibility, every small element your user might find convenient can affect SEO. A website design is important in empowering SEO to increase sales.

Lack of CTAs

Call-to-actions are a guiding light for your audience when they are on the website and trying to find their way to the next page. A CTA is supposed to be short, sweet, and concise, convincing a customer to move to the next page for more. It saves time and effort on the customer’s side to find the next page. CTA’s play an essential role in web designing and help SEO rank your business on top due to reduced bounce rates. CTA’s convert your website visitors into customers and make your website design attractive. 

Consistent Pop-Ups

If your website shows pop-ups consistently after every few minutes, it’s time to say goodbye to the pop-ups to save your customers from constant irritation. The bounce rate of websites increases when every page shows pop-ups, and as a result, visitors get frustrated by it. It also affects SEO because it delivers a poor user experience, making Google push your website to the second page of SERPs. 

Slow Loading Pages

What could be more annoying for a visitor than watching an endless loading sign on their screen for more than a few seconds? Eliminating slow-loading pages is in the Google ranking guidelines, and if you cannot detect the root cause, your SEO will get harmed, leading to less sales, low conversions, and limited web traffic. The simpler you keep your website, the faster it can load to cater to the visitor’s needs.

Your business website strengthens the marketing as it is responsible for spreading the word about your services 24/7. Due to the lack of uniqueness, flexibility, and valuable content, your website always loses to the competitors in rankings. At Hexaclicks, we tailor-customize web pages and express your mission with every designed element.

Let’s look into some of the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most common web design errors when designing a website?

When you don’t have enough information about the audience or relevant industry, it’s hard to design the website. The most common web design errors that often drown the sales of a business are

  • Designing a website based on assumptions
  • Not planning according to the trends
  • Lack of understanding of user needs
  • Complicated navigation 

What golden rules of web design does a white label SEO agency follow?

A website is the biggest source of communication between your business and the audience. A website must align with your business objectives, and before you publish it for the audience, ensure you are executing all the golden rules in the design.

  • Amplifying your business message
  • Clean and precise layout
  • Valuable and relevant content
  • Quick to navigate and load

What are the basic web design elements?

An effective web design can help your business gain more traffic and filter qualified leads to boost sales. The key elements of an effective web design are

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Compelling content
  • SEO-focused
  • Page speed
  • Precise call-to-actions

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