How We Gained 303.33% More Leads through Google Ads for Our Trucking Clients?

Client Overview

Our client sells heavy duty trucks, trailers and equipment for transportation and trucking needs. They offer repairs and modifications to trucks according to different business specifications and requirements. Their team installs moffett kits and other piggyback parts for load hauling vehicles. They are known for their excellent customer service and certifications in their region.

Their Objective

Their in-house team created a custom website for their trucking business but were not successful in gaining traction. With no leads pouring in, the website launch was going downhill. Since their services are specific to a region, they were losing clients to their competitors. They wanted to better their brand visibility and get qualified prospects directed to their website. A set brand position in the trucking industry would directly impact their probability of getting top tier projects.

The Challenge

A custom code website has technical challenges in terms of SEO strategy implementation. The client wanted more traffic on their website and conversions without changes to their current website.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

HexaClicks’ SEO team conducted a thorough market and competitor research.  They replaced keywords with low search volumes and greater difficulty. Our content creators curated creative, engaging, and SEO-optimized articles. The traffic, lead retention, and sales increased exponentially through proper optimization. The content was used as a lead magnet by driving it through Google ads. HexaClicks implemented best practices for SEO optimization to boost rankings and visibility on search engines. Our content team curated engaging content for off-page and on-page blogs to further push the content and the website. 

Our clients have a unique client base, so we focused on ranking their services higher on Google My Business. We ran an in-depth analysis for their website to improve UI/UX experience. That would have a direct impact on their website’s traffic rate. 

PPC experts identified the use of irrelevant keywords in previous ad copies. Keywords were updated, new and tested copies were made live. Text ads were shifted to phone call ads for lesser user hesitation. It attracted the target demographic, generated greater leads and better conversions.

How We Did It

SEO Strategy

Keyword Research

On-Page SEO

GMB Optimization

Link Building

Competitor Analysis

Content Marketing

Market Research

Google Ads Campaign

PPC Campaign

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The Results

See it to Believe it
Our strategy helped our clients by increasing their leads up to 303.33% in the span of a year. Their yearly organic traffic grew by 101.13% as their website attracted more visitors. With the right approach, the team was able to acquire quality backlinks and improve keyword rankings. As a result, our client observed a massive step up in organic search results and we gained a happy client simultaneously.

SEO Analysis

Before HexaClicks

PPC Analysis

After HexaClicks

Spend Less And Earn More

Our content strategy had an impressive impact on the click-through rate. The writing was targeted, precise and accurate which increased user retention. We observed that our bounce rate decreased and our client’s ranking in search results increased.

Our PPC campaign was a success because the CPL decreased by 75.04% whereas the conversion rate grew to 232.98%. More relevant keywords allowed access to qualified leads and therefore, had a greater impact.

What Client Say About HexaClicks

I am currently a Partner of HexaClicks, couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thier work is impeccable & their communication is incredibly professional.
Seth Brown

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