How We Grew Organic Leads by 1161.76% for our Dental Client?

Client Overview

Our clients offer dental and orthodontic care to patients within their region. Their team works together to form meaningful relations with patients while building healthy, beautiful smiles through the latest technology. Our client is known for their timely service and their professional attitude.

Their Objective

They created their website with an in-house team, but their web traffic was solely generated by word-of-mouth and referrals. Our clients searched for a team with the best SEO practices, a more functional website solution, and greater conversions through expert online marketing. They wanted to improve their ranking in the SERPs through organic and paid traffic using the best SEO practices. They needed to set themselves apart from their competitors and generate more appointments.

The Challenge

Our client’s rankings were plummeting because they relied solely on word-of-mouth for appointments which meant that their ratings frequently fluctuated on Google Search. We aimed to increase their yearly traffic by 500% by the end of the year. Our team got to work immediately.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

We created an effective PPC campaign by building a sales funnel that would work best for their business model. Our advertising funnel was created to upsell and motivate leads to avail of our client’s services. Ad copies were created to target oral health pain points, and showcase offers to generate traffic and conversions. We managed a Pay Per Click campaign with a systematic funnel that would immediately boost Google searches for their website and sales. The clinic used outdated keywords with low search volumes and greater difficulty, which was ineffective for search engine optimization. We aligned our client’s keyword bidding strategy and introduced new and appropriate keywords to create ad copies. To create the clinic’s identity within its competitive market, we conducted research analysis and A/B testing for ads.
HexaClicks devised a strategy to use highly focused keywords and link building to help generate more traffic to their website. Since our clients have a local client base, we implemented the required strategies to rank their services higher on Google My Business. Our content creators curated creative, engaging, and SEO-optimized articles. We optimized content with more credible and secure backlinks. The traffic, lead retention, and sales skyrocketed. HexaClicks implemented best practices for SEO optimization to boost rankings and visibility on search engines. Our content team curated engaging content for off-page and on-page blogs to further push the content and the website.

How We Did It

SEO Strategy

Keyword Research

On-Page SEO

GMB Optimization

Link Building

Competitor Analysis

Content Marketing

Market Research

Google Ads Campaign

PPC Campaign

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The Results

Our strategy changed the organic traffic to the website by 1161.76%, crossing the target by a great margin. Their clinic now has a solid digital footprint in the medical industry and clinics in their locality. With the right approach, the team acquired quality backlinks and improved keyword rankings. The organic page traffic experienced an increase of 472.17% traffic yearly. As a result, our client observed a massive step up in organic search results, and we gained a happy client simultaneously.

SEO Analysis

Before HexaClicks

PPC Analysis

After HexaClicks

Spend Less And Earn More

We observed customer application surges to manage Google Ads campaigns to perform better. Our PPC campaign skyrocketed up to 111.76%. Monthly visits to their websites increased, and most were redirected from Google ads. Keyword optimization helped us get qualified and targeted leads interested in hiring immediately. Our clients noticed an astounding increase in their appointments and bookings throughout this time.

More relevant keywords allowed access to qualified leads and, therefore, impacted their brand visibility. We increased conversions by 73.85% and reduced the cost per lead by 64.83%.

What Client Say About HexaClicks

I am currently a Partner of HexaClicks, couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thier work is impeccable & their communication is incredibly professional.
Seth Brown

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