How We Helped Our Outdoor Blinds Partner Increase Organic Leads by 106% in Less Than a Year?

Client Overview

Our Clients offer shade solutions to improve homes and commercial spaces. They install blinds, shutters, awnings, or pergolas for their local clientele. They are known for their excellent services, timely installations, and custom shade designs across international markets.

Their Objective

It had been 4 years since they last redesigned their website and had outgrown the functionality in that time and that led to very low web traffic. Since their services were localized, they were losing customers to their competitors. They were in search of better SEO practices, a more functional website solution and greater conversions through expert online marketing. The client wanted to revamp their website and increase sales and conversions within their local demographic.

The Challenge

The main challenge for this project was managing the timeline and to bring results in less than a year. Our clients needed their website ready before the summer season to kick off their busiest time of the year.

Our Digital Marketing Solution

After the complete website assessment for performance, and optimization, HexaClicks devised a strategy to use highly focused keywords and link building to help generate more traffic to their website. Since our clients have a local client base, we implemented required strategies to rank their services higher on Google My Business. We optimized their website by updating their backlinks with more credible and secure sites. They were previously using short tail keywords with high difficulty. We made a business decision to choose a much more rankable keyword that would increase traffic, lead retention, and sales exponentially. 
We drove an effective PPC campaign by building a sales funnel that would work best for their business model. The budget was increased initially and allocated accordingly. We aligned our client’s keyword bidding strategy, introduced new keywords, and paused irrelevant categories for better optimization. Similarly, Facebook ad creatives were modified using best SEO practices.

How We Did It

SEO Strategy

Keyword Research

On-Page SEO

GMB Optimization

Link Building

Competitor Analysis

Content Marketing

Market Research

Google Ads Campaign

PPC Campaign

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The Results

Our solution helped them increase their total traffic by 90% and their organic lead traffic by 106%. Their business grew by 108% in less than a year as their website attracted more visitors. With the right approach, the team was able to acquire quality backlinks and improve keyword rankings. As a result, our client observed a massive step up in organic search results and we gained a happy client simultaneously.

SEO Analysis

Before HexaClicks

PPC Analysis

After HexaClicks

Spend Less And Earn More

After complete optimization, the Cost per Lead was reduced by 81.00%, whereas the conversion rate accelerated to 215.79% in three months. Our client generated skyrocketing revenue by working smarter and optimizing their Google ads process. More relevant keywords allowed access to qualified leads and, therefore, impacted their brand visibility.

What Client Say About HexaClicks

I am currently a Partner of HexaClicks, couldn’t recommend them more highly. Thier work is impeccable & their communication is incredibly professional.
Seth Brown

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