GoHighLevel Vs. Active Campaign Your Ultimate Guide To The Winning Choice!

In GoHighLevel vs Active Campaign comparison, GoHighLevel offers a myriad of tools in their platform, such as landing page and funnel builders, email marketing and automation, chat widget, call tracking, voicemail features, customer relationship management, 2-way SMS capability, white labeling for clients, and more. Meanwhile, active campaigns offer email marketing and automation, CRM sales and automation tools, landing pages, and 1-way SMS capability. 

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What is GoHighLevel? 

It is an all-in-one marketing platform most commonly built for marketing agencies. 

What is ActiveCampaign? 

Active Campaign is the most popular software in the email marketing world.

GoHighLevel vs Active Campaign Pros and Cons! 

Go High Level Active Campaign


User-friendly interface with intuitive navigation

Provides customer support through phone, chat, and email

Comprehensive funnel creation and management tools

Online community forum

Strong email marketing

Learning center, webinars, and training sessions

Customer support through chat and ticketing

Wide range of integrations for seamless connectivity

Analytics and reporting tools for performance tracking

Detailed analytics and reporting


Advanced features might be complex for beginners

Steeper learning curve

Some users might find the pricing higher

Occasional delays in some responses

Customer support response time might vary

Less intuitive reporting interface

Limited email design customization options

Integrations might require additional setup

GoHighLevel vs Active Campaign - What Are The Pricing Plans?

Plan Price Feature

GoHighLevel agency starter account plan


Single account plan for your agency or a client. Includes all tools

GoHighLevel agency unlimited account


You can create unlimited sub-accounts for your clients or other businesses you may have.


Activecampaign lite plan

$15/month @500 accounts

Basic email marketing features.

Activecampaign plus plan

$70/month @500 contacts

Landing pages, SMS marketing, automation mapping, and a mobile CRM app are the first plans most comparable to HighLevel.

Activecampaign professional plan

More advanced features than the previous one. Introduces in-app messaging.

Landing pages, SMS marketing, automation mapping, and a mobile CRM app are the first plans most comparable to HighLevel.

What Are The Features and Functionalities of GoHighLevel Vs Active Campaign?

Go High Level ActiveCampaign

Has checkout capabilities within the funnel builder

The landing page editor is slick and standard

Allows easy addition of popups within the page editor

Lacks the bells and whistles within the landing page editor

Integrated landing page builder with advanced features and popups

Does not specify checkout capabilities in the landing page builder

Which Platform Is Better for Sales Funnels?

GoHighLevel is suitable for businesses with simpler needs that require a no-code platform for managing various aspects of their marketing and business processes. It offers an all-in-one solution with CRM, funnel building, email marketing, and appointment scheduling features. It is a versatile choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive yet user-friendly platform. In contrast, ActiveCampaign is better suited for businesses requiring extensive features tailored to their marketing automation needs.

GoHighLevel vs Active Campaign: Which Platform Builds Business Friendly Websites?

GoHighLevel is a website builder that is just as easy to use as its funnel-building feature. It makes use of the same editor that is used for building funnel pages for website building. You can easily create a desktop menu for GoHighLevel websites that becomes a hamburger menu when you see it in the mobile editor. And, of course, just like in the funnel editor, you can make your website pages mobile responsive. 

If you’re a GoHighLevel member of the Agency Unlimited Plan, the website builder could help you scale your business if you still need to offer websites to your clients. However, it’s important to note that GoHighLevel’s website builder is not the world’s best web design tool, but it’s enough to get the job done and capture new leads for your business or clients.

ActiveCampaign doesn’t have a website builder. Yes, it lets you build landing pages, and you could manually create a menu and insert a hyperlinked menu to other pages you made on their platform, but it’s a lot of work to glue this all together. Plus, ActiveCampaign envisioned their landing page tool to offer another way for their users to build their email lists (aside from ) and not build company websites on their software.

Email Marketing and Automation Which Platform Is Better?

Regarding email marketing and automation capabilities, you can create any email with the elements widgets of GoHighLevel. Once the leads are captured for your business and clients, you can set up custom automation to nurture them with an automated sequence of emails. From basic to advanced levels of automation, GoHighLevel creates marketing automation that works with the CRM. 

However, ActiveCampaign has become the leading email marketing service on the internet. Let your emails choose the templates that have already been proven to work in email campaigns.

Which Platform is More Affordable?

Our top choice is GoHighLevel due to its unmatched value proposition. ActiveCampaign is a noteworthy alternative for businesses looking for an easy-to-use marketing tool for smaller campaigns.

Which Of Them Provides White Labels?

Both GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign offer white-labeling options, which allow you to brand the platform with your logo and company information, providing a seamless experience for your clients or customers.

CRM Capabilities And Integrations

RM helps companies capture leads, make sales, and manage amiable relationships with leads and customers all under one roof. 

Both platforms have a CRM. However, for Activecampaign, you need to use their Plusplan. 

Additionally, GoHighLevel doesn’t come with many 3rd party integrations. It mainly integrates with Stripe, Facebook, QuickBooks, Shopify, Google Analytics, and Zoom. However, ActiveCampaign gives more integrations and natively integrates with Shopify, Salesforce, Facebook, WordPress, Google Analytics, WooCommerce, 

User Interface and Ease of Use

Regarding user interface and ease of use, HighLevel has a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop builder for creating landing pages, funnels, and automation workflows. It focuses on simplicity and ease of use, making it suitable for users with less technical expertise. 

On the other hand, ActiveCampaign offers a feature-rich interface that can be more complex for beginners. It provides a visual automation builder but may require more technical knowledge to utilize its capabilities fully. 

Wrapping Up - Which Is Better Between GoHighLevel vs Active Campaign?

Choosing between GoHighLevel and ActiveCampaign is entirely reliant on your business needs. If you run an agency and require software that builds sales funnels and landing pages, has a CRM, lead tracking, and a communication hub that lets you respond to leads and clients from one dashboard, then GoHighLevel is the way to go. You can try GoHighLevel for free for 14 days and see how it works for you. 

On the other hand, if you don’t run an agency but need to scale your business by getting more leads, then ActiveCampaign is the better choice. It provides all the necessary tools, including great integrations to pair them with your favorite tools. 

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FAQs – Go High Level vs Active Campaign

Is Gohighlevel suitable for small businesses?

Yes, you can brand the platform with your logo and company details.

How scalable is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is designed to be scalable and can adapt to the growing needs of businesses as they expand.

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