Go High Level Vs. Close Who Wins The Battle?

Let’s compare the two customer relationship management systems, GoHighLevel and Close. This blog post will review the pros and cons of each CRM tool so you can choose the one that best suits your client’s needs.

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What Is GoHighLevel? 

GoHighLevel is a robust platform with features and functions that help businesses save time and money by automating their sales and marketing processes. GHL services let your clients build websites, sales processes, and landing pages and set them up to run themselves. 

What is Close? 

Close is the sales engagement management tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses turn more leads into revenue. 

GoHighLevel vs Close – What Are The Pros and Cons? 

Go High Level Close


Affordable and grows business in a rapid manner

All-in-one sales CRM software that increases efficiency

Manage customers from a single space

Free Migration

Automate processes

Tons of integrations

Resell to your customers

High adoption rates

Manage all the business operations under one roof

Transparent pricing


Steep learning curve

Not decide for people outside teams

Every feature is not strong

Not designed for consultants

GoHighLevel vs Close - What Is The Pricing?

Close has many features designed to help sales teams track leads and turn them into customers. These features include email processes, SMS, and more. You don’t need any extra software to use the features, and there are many ways to connect them to other programs. It also has a mobile app for people who might want to use it.

GoHighLevel has many sales and marketing tools, such as a workflow builder, a website builder, Google Reports, CRM features, and more. This tool is an excellent choice if your company wants to narrow its tech stack. With just one tool, you can keep track of everything your customers do. It also has a mobile app for people who might want to use it. 

Go High Level Close

 Starter $97

Starter $25

Freelancer $297

Basic  $59

Agency pro $497

Professional $89

GoHighLevel vs Close - What Are The Features and Functionalities?

Go High Level Close

CRM and pipeline management

Lead management

Two-way SMS messaging

Built-in calling and SMS functionality

Marketing automation

Power dialer

Funnel builder and landing page builder

Lead filtering and innovative views

Reputation management

Sales reporting

GoHighLevel vs Close - Customer Support And Documentation


Documentation: Close’s documentation is clear and well-organized. It’s easy to use because it includes many lessons.

Customer Support: Close is known for its great customer service. According to G2 reviews, it’s in the top 1% of all SaaS companies. If you still need more proof, read the good reviews supporting this claim.

Support Options: All plans, even the cheapest ones, come with email help. However, the business plan (for teams with six or more users) is the only way to get tools like screen share (via Zoom calls), custom onboarding, and a dedicated customer success manager. These tier-based support choices are standard in the business world.


Documentation: The documentation for GoHighLevel is grouped by features. It has clear directions, videos, and GIFs. 

Customer Support: The documentation for GoHighLevel is grouped by features. It has clear directions, videos, and GIFs. 

Negative Review: The one bad review stands out because there aren’t many. When giving comments, it’s essential to consider the situation and the person’s experiences. 

GoHighLevel vs Close - Ease Of Use

Many user reviews say that Close is simple and easy to use. It was made for teams that need to work quickly and can’t just sit and look for hours on end. It’s not important how many deals you need to lock. Close all of your client’s work for their sales team.

It is easy for marketers to use GoHighLevel, though, even though it has many advanced features. People and business owners often have trouble navigating the tool and its parts.

GoHighLevel Vs. Close - How Do Both Handle Security and Privacy?

Go High Level Close

GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant 

Does not discriminate any of CCPA rights - non-compliant by default

CCPA - compliant

SOC 2 non-compliant

SOC 2 compliant

ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 certified

It uses the collected and personal information to present the platform’s content, provide customer support, carry out obligations, and enforce rights

Do not share nor use your data with third parties for any purpose. Your data in this CRM will only be visible to your team members within the same organization

Wrapping Up: GoHighLevel Vs. Close Which Is Better?

When choosing between GoHighLevel vs Close, it’s essential to consider your business context and objectives. Here’s a breakdown:

Assess Your Processes: Begin by evaluating your existing workflows. Understand which processes can benefit from tools. Consider the features you need and integration possibilities.

Role and Objectives Matter: Your role matters. Close might not be the best fit if you’re a digital agency owner or a consultant. It excels in managing the entire sales cycle. Meanwhile, GoHighLevel offers an all-in-one solution, including sales and marketing.

Match Tools to Purpose: Identify the primary purpose. Close suits sales reps seeking end-to-end control. GoHighLevel is ideal for those who want a comprehensive platform.

Remember, the right choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Choose wisely! 

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FAQs – Go High Level vs Close

What are the primary differences between GoHighLevel and Close?

GoHighLevel is more than an all-in-one marketing platform, while Close is particularly tailored for sales CRM and lead management.

Is Close suitable for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution?

Close is more focused on sales and CRM functions, so businesses seeking a comprehensive solution for marketing, sales, and business management may find GoHighLevel more suitable.

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