Go High Level Vs. Kajabi Choosing the Right Sales Funnel Software

If you run a digital marketing agency, you likely use sales funnels to attract and convert leads into paying clients. Two popular software options for building sales funnels are Go High Level and Kajabi. But how do you choose between them? This article compares these sales funnel builders’ essential features, strengths, and differences to help you decide which platform best fits your agency’s needs.

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Overview of Go High Level and Kajabi

Go High Level

Go High Level is a relative newcomer, launching in 2019 as an all-in-one software for building high-converting sales funnels, email marketing campaigns, membership sites, and automated webinars. 

GoHighLevel (GHL) is a CRM and marketing automation software designed for agencies and consultants. It combines CRM, project management, billing and invoicing, email marketing, payment processing, and other tools into one subscription.


Kajabi has been around longer, since 2010, as an online course and membership site builder. Over the years, it has expanded into a robust all-in-one platform for digital entrepreneurs to sell information products and services online. It’s known for beautiful templates, ease of use, and strong community.

Kajabi is a knowledge commerce platform geared more towards entrepreneurs selling online courses, memberships, and digital products. Its main tools include website builders, email and membership site management, marketing automation, and e-commerce functionality.

So, while both tools can build sales funnels, Kajabi specializes more in membership sites and online courses. At the same time, Go High Level focuses exclusively on high-performance sales funnel creation with built-in automation.

Go High Level Vs. Kajabi: Key Feature Comparison

Features GHL Kajabi


All-in-one marketing, sales, and CRM platform

Course creation, membership sites, and marketing automation


  • Landing pages & funnels
  • CRM
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Website builder
  • Video hosting
  • Membership sites
  • Basic course creation
  • Integrations with Zapier and other tools
  • Course creation with quizzes, assignments, and communities
  • Drip email marketing
  • Automated webinars
  • Membership sites
  • Landing pages & funnels
  • Video hosting
  • Email marketing
  • Integrations with Zapier and other tools


  • Starts at $97/month for the Pro plan (unlimited contacts, funnels, and landing pages)
  • Starts at $119/month for a Basic plan (10,000 contacts, 3 products, and 1 custom domain)


  • More affordable
  • All-in-one solution eliminates the need for multiple tools
  • Powerful automation features
  • Great for agencies and businesses with complex sales funnels
  • Excellent course creation tools
  • Strong community features
  • Built-in email marketing and webinars
  • User-friendly interface


  • Course creation tools not as robust as Kajabi
  • Can have a steeper learning curve
  • Limited integrations compared to Kajabi
  • Basic website builder
  • Higher pricing
  • Not ideal for businesses with primarily simple courses or funnels
  • Limited CRM features
  • Lacks advanced marketing automation features like lead scoring

Go High Level Vs Kajabi: Which One is Better Choice?

When it comes to selecting the best software between GoHighLevel and Kajabi, there are a few key factors that tend to differentiate them for specific use cases.

Which Is Better For Sales Funnels and Landing Pages?

Kajabi offers a leg up for creating high-converting sales funnels and sleek landing pages. Its website builder is optimized explicitly for showcasing online courses, memberships, and digital products in the best light possible. Beautiful templates, the ability to customize layouts, and tools to manage promotion pop-ups and sticky bars allow you to effectively guide visitors toward desired actions.

While GHL does allow you to build sales funnels using imported leads, it takes more expertise and connecting other tools like ClickFunnels. For plug-and-play sales funnel creation, Kajabi wins out.

Which Has Better Capabilities for Marketing Automation?

Regarding onboarding flows, segmented email marketing, and behavioral tracking, GHL packs a robust suite straight out of the box. Easy drag-and-drop workflow builders allow you to create intricate lifecycle journeys automatically.

However, to unlock more advanced marketing automation functionality, Kajabi partners with Ontraport, one of the leading players in the space. So, you can scale automation significantly for those willing to invest in the higher-level Kajabi plan and Ontraport addon. For easy-to-start but still powerful automation, GHL takes the lead.

Which one Has a Better Website Builder?

Hands down, Kajabi offers one of the most well-designed website builders, explicitly catering to knowledge brokers. With loaded templates and the ability to customize styling, multimedia embedding, and member portals, Kajabi has everything needed to create beautiful online academies that establish authority.

GHL, on the other hand, reverts to installed WordPress sites, which, while still flexible, require more heavy lifting design-wise. So, for the most well-appointed website builder out of the box for showcasing your expertise, Kajabi is the winner.

Which Solution is More Budget Friendly?

When comparing the basic plans, Kajabi has lower pricing at $149 per month versus $297 per month for the essential Go High-Level subscription. This makes Kajabi quite affordable for anyone selling online courses or memberships.

However, Go High Level packs in many additional features like CRM, payment processing, contracts, and invoicing functionality even in their starter plan, which adds tremendous value. With Kajabi, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan at $299 monthly to unlock features beyond building online courses and managing members.

Additionally, Kajabi pricing is based on the number of active members you have. Large course creators will need the business plan at $499 monthly to support up to 100,000 active members. On the other hand, Go High Level bills you the same based only on

Which is Best for Agencies?

Go High Level is purpose-built for digital agencies and professional service businesses handling multiple clients. It allows the creation of separate accounts for each client, all managed under a central admin dashboard. This enables easily keeping client data and projects separate, including different sales funnels, leads, email campaigns, templates, and white-labeled reporting per client account.

Kajabi takes a one-size-fits-all approach, allowing a single admin to create multiple users. While you can create separate pipelines and email campaigns for different products/purposes, the platform could be optimized for digital agencies catering to distinct clients.

Which of them Provides White Label?

Go High Level allows users to white-label the funnels, websites, and landing pages they create by removing any GHL branding elements. This includes options to:

  • Add your custom domain
  • Remove all Go High Level logos, icons, footer credits
  • Customize dashboard logos and theme colors

This is extremely valuable for agencies building assets for clients. It allows delivering a completely branded product to enhance perceived credibility with clients.

Kajabi does not currently offer white label customization. Their branding and footers stay on all pages. This makes it awkward for agencies to promote another company’s brand to their customers directly.

If you want to utilize Go High Level’s white label capability but don’t have the time or skills to build your own funnels, sites, and sales automation, the certified GHL experts at HexaClicks offer fully white-labeled, done-for-you services. Contact them today to get your customized, branded Go High Level account set up at an affordable price.

Customer Support and Resources

Kajabi provides a knowledge base, video tutorials, and community forums that users praise. GHL offers live weekly training webinars and an online help center.

When comparing training resources, Kajabi edges out GHL slightly regarding the volume of self-service content – but GHL does provide high-quality live training for users.

The Better Choice: Go High Level

Go High Level has an advantage as a digital marketing agency focused on high-converting sales funnels, lean automation, and excellent email marketing. But Kajabi shines for those seeking easy-to-use templates, integrated live webinars, and robust membership sites.

While Kajabi offers easier-to-use templates and better membership site features, Go High Level provides a specialized sales funnel builder for optimization, flexibility, and integrated CRM capabilities. 

Unless you need membership communities and live webinars, Go High Level will likely be a better fit to create funnels that drive lead generation and sales for agency clients.

Have you used Go High Level or Kajabi? Which platform does your agency prefer and why? Share your thoughts and questions below!

FAQs – Go High Level vs Kajabi

What is the onboarding and support like for Kajabi and GHL platforms?

Go High Level and Kajabi are known for providing exceptional customer support and onboarding. Go High Level offers a dedicated one-on-one consultant to help you set up your account. Kajabi has extensive self-help documentation, plus email and chat support options.

Can you create membership sites in Go High Level?

While Go High Level has basic membership site functionality, it specializes in something other than building robust membership communities like Kajabi. Go  High level membership sites are best for gating content in a sales funnel or a simple recurring payment model. For advanced memberships, forums, and dripping content, Kajabi is better.

What third-party software integrates with each platform?

In addition to deep built-in CRM and email marketing automation, Go High Level integrates with Zapier, Calendly, and Affise. Kajabi offers over 1000 integrations through Zapier with marketing & sales apps like MailChimp, Shopify, ConvertKit, and more. Both can connect to webinar software like Zoom.

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