Go High-Level Vs. Kartra The Battle For Market Supremecy!

GoHighLevel and Kartra are powerful marketing platforms designed to simplify and automate various aspects of your online business. While they share some similarities, distinct differences set them apart. Want to compare GoHighLevel vs. Kartra to determine which will suit your client’s business? This post will help you decide on the business’s best marketing solution. 

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What Is GoHighLevel? 

It’s an all-in-one marketing platform that provides a powerful suite of tools, support, and resources for agencies and marketers to have a successful online journey. 

What Is Kartra? 

It is an all-inclusive marketing platform that offers the tools you require to sell more digital products. 

What Are The Pros And Cons of GoHighLevel vs Kartra?

Go High Level Karta


  14 Day Trial

Welcome video and interactive guide

Solid CRM and marketing automation features

  Solid support and community
  Continuous updates and new tools
30-day free trial
  Affiliate management tools
  Webinar functionality
  Multi-channel marketing tools for email
marketing and social media
  Advanced sales funnel features



 The lowest plan is also expensive

Too many tools make it overwhelming

No third-party integrations 

It is clunky and needs improvement

Usage caps on contacts and team members  >>.

GoHighLevel Vs Kartra - What is The Pricing Comparison?

Go High Level Karta

Starter - $97 per month

Starter - $119 per month

Unlimited - $297 per month

Growth -  $229 per month

Agency pro - $497 per month

Professional - $549 per month

GoHighLevel vs Kartra - What Are The Features And Functionalities?

Go High Level Karta
Knowledgeable base, community,
and support channels

High-converting landing page templates

Extensive third-party integrations

Secure and customizable membership

In-depth analytics and reporting

Seamless integrations with tools and
E-commerce functionality with
payment integration

Robust sales funnel creation

Drag and drop landing page builder

Powerful email marketing tools

GoHighLevel Vs. Kartra - Which Platform Is Better For Sales Funnels?

Kartra mainly offers funnel mapping, allowing you to create advanced yet intricate sales funnels for your clients. Its features are also helpful, allowing automation and custom fields that give a more personalized experience. However, GoHighLevel’s sales funnel feature needs to be updated. 

Kartra’s survey form is much more flexible than GoHighLevel’s, as it can be used to create interactive quizzes. 

Which Platform Has Better Marketing Automation and Flexibility?

Kartra’s marketing automation feature is more complex than GoHighLevel’s. While both are popular marketing automation tools, Kartra offers a walkthrough to help beginners navigate the Sequence tool. However, it has limited triggers and actions for email marketing automation. 

On the other hand, GoHighLevel’s automation workflow builder is more powerful and easier to navigate than Kartra’s. You can set different conditions and actions with GoHighLevel’s automation feature, which allows you to do much with just some of its ready-made templates. Try it and see how it can help you grow your client’s online business! 

Which Platform Has A Better Website Builder?

GoHighLevel outshines Kartra with its user-friendly interface, organized approach, and intuitive course-building features in website building. While Kartra offers a strong launch builder, its navigation structure could be more transparent, especially for longer courses, and it lacks the efficiency found in GoHighLevel. 

GoHighLevel adopts elements from specialized platforms like Kajabi and provides a more focused and organized interface for website building. The platform’s intuitive structuring of modules and lessons streamlines the course creation process, and including blueprints facilitates faster development. 

A notable advantage is GoHighLevel’s in-platform certificate design and distribution, adding a layer of professionalism and value to courses. GoHighLevel is preferred for its comprehensive and user-centric approach to digital product offerings.

Which Platform Is More Affordable?

For those committed to the long haul, Choosing Kartra annually offers savings of approximately 22%. Every step increases your client’s usage caps and enriches the advanced features. However, GoHighLevel only offers a 16% discount, which might not be a preferred option for budget-conscious users. 

Which Is An Optimum Choice For Agencies?

Regarding GoHighLevel vs. Kartra, both digital marketing agency platforms offer streamlined billing and customized reporting for client engagement. 

Kartra’s agency feature is an excellent choice if you want to maintain efficiency while growing your client base and brand. 

On the other hand, GoHighLevel provides you with a better offer. You can add unlimited business accounts and team members from the Agency Unlimited and Agency Pro plans, so you don’t have to pay extra even if your business is growing. 

Besides white-labeling, GoHighLevel lets you sell your SaaS platform using their tools. 

Which Of Them Provides White Labels?

Regarding white-labeling, GoHighLevel can customize the platform with your logo, domain, and Stripe account, while Kartra doesn’t. 

Wrapping Up - Choose The One That Suits Your Needs!

Conversely, after examining GoHighLevel’s and Kartra’s platforms, we have examined their sales funnels, CRMs, and lead management systems. While Kartra puts up an extensive fight, GoHighLevel takes the crown by performing well in all aspects. 

Since both platforms offer a free-of-cost trial, they might test-drive their features to decide which one you must choose for your clients. 

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FAQs – Go High Level vs Kartra

GoHighLevel vs Kartra - which is more user-friendly?

Both are user-friendly. GoHighLevel is easy to use for marketing professionals and agencies, whereas Kartra provides drag-and-drop functionality for building pages and funnels. 

What are the integration capabilities of both?

GoHighLevel integrates third-party applications and Kartra with payment gateways, CRMs, and other marketing tools.

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