GoHighLevel Vs. Keap - The Ultimate Comparison

It can be challenging to find the ideal tool in a world full of options to support business growth. Today, we’re going to focus on two main names:  GoHighLevel (GHL) and Keap. One facilitates the growth of marketing agencies, while the other excels at keeping organizations organized and streamlining marketing.

However, what if selecting one of them involved more than just considering their capabilities—that is, finding a partner who would enable your company to accomplish more than just expand? Consider choosing a tool that performs similarly to a great team member.

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GoHighlevel and Keap – An Overview

GoHighLevel (GHL)

Launched in 2019, GoHighLevel (GHL) offers a special combination of features and functionalities that set it apart from the competition and characterize it as an innovative CRM solution.

It serves as more than just a marketing tool. GoHighLevel offers SMBs, large enterprises, and entrepreneurs a comprehensive customer relationship management system. 

By providing capabilities like email marketing, automated features, pipeline management, appointment scheduling, and sales funnels all inside a single platform, it simplifies agency procedures. 

GHL claims to save time by automating repetitive processes, providing straightforward solutions for intricate business requirements, and guaranteeing agencies have the tools necessary to develop client relationships from the beginning. 

By optimizing numerous workflows and improving general efficiency, GHL drastically improves lead generation, sales process automation, and customer relationship management.


Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) was developed in 2001 as software to help small businesses automate their sales and marketing processes. It has become stronger and acquired more features and functionalities throughout time.

Keap facilitates the centralization of customer data, including contact details, history of transactions, and communication data. It also offers customized customer experiences and optimizes data management. With Keap, organizations can quickly streamline

repetitive operations and enhance lead generation. They can also design personalized and targeted campaigns that maximize interaction while saving time.

GoHighLevel Vs. Keap: Key Features Comparison

Features GHL Keap


All-in-one marketing, sales, and CRM platform

Provides tools to simplify marketing operations, as well as a CRM platform


  • Landing pages & funnels
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Customizable Funnels
  • Video Hosting
  • Reputation Management
  • CRM & Sales Pipelines.
  • Marketing automation.
  • E-commerce tools
  • Landing page builder.
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Communities & Support
  • Integration: Zapier, Gmail
  • Appointment scheduling


  • Starts at $97/month for the Pro plan (unlimited contacts, funnels, and landing pages)
  • Different Plans
  • Starts at $249/month (1500 contacts
  • $329/month (2500 contacts)
  • &499/month (5000 contacts)

Target Users

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • SMBs in need of easy-to-use marketing solutions & CRM

GoHighLevel Vs. Keap: Which Provides Better Marketing Automation?

Schedule appointments, lead nurturing, and follow-ups automatically. By developing automated workflows that maximize productivity and guarantee that no lead leaves without engagement or conversion, GHL saves you numerous hours of work.

Keap guarantees prompt message delivery and effective landing page design. Automated marketing customized to the audience’s interests maximizes engagement efforts and needs little work to convert leads into profitable clients.

GHL shines with its advanced and potent automation features, providing additional flexibility for more precisely targeted campaigns. However, Keap is a great option for SMBs trying to simplify complicated processes because of its effective and user-friendly design.

Which Offers Better Communication Features?

With GoHighLevel’s integration of Facebook Messenger, Shopify, Stripe, TikTok, Quickbooks, and effective SMS, phone calls, and emails, you can make sure your leads are always in contact. This guarantees that your communication strategies are well-coordinated and gives you more control over them. 

Additionally, it enhances customer experience. GHL offers numerous integration options with other platforms that are most useful for marketing.

Keap gives you access to a number of apps that enhance the usefulness of your business processes. These consist of HelloSign, Zoom, Gmail, Quickbooks, and Google Calendar.

Which Has Better Capabilities for Marketing Automation?

Regarding onboarding flows, segmented email marketing, and behavioral tracking, GHL packs a robust suite straight out of the box. Easy drag-and-drop workflow builders allow you to create intricate lifecycle journeys automatically.

However, to unlock more advanced marketing automation functionality, Kajabi partners with Ontraport, one of the leading players in the space. So, you can scale automation significantly for those willing to invest in the higher-level Kajabi plan and Ontraport addon. For easy-to-start but still powerful automation, GHL takes the lead.

Which Offers a Better User Experience?

With GoHighLevel, you can access a wide range of function sets with a sophisticated interface. 

Keap offers an easy-to-use interface with brief adoption. Even if you are new to CRM, it is easy to get started.

Which Is More Cost-effective?

Starting from $97/month, GoHighLevel provides a pricing strategy that can adapt to the expansion of your company. This guarantees that you receive a wide selection to meet the constantly evolving needs of your business.

Keap provides flexible price plans that start at $249 per month and are intended to meet the demands of small and medium-sized businesses.

Which Solution Can Be Customized More?

GoHighLevel makes it simple to build websites and funnels that are both visually pleasing and effective at converting leads. They are specifically made to attract and manage high-quality prospects as they progress through the sales funnel.

Keap offers a user-friendly, well-balanced level of customization. It might not be as customizable as GHL, but it is still quite flexible and simple to customize for SMBs without requiring as much extra work.

Which Solution Offers Better Learning Resources?

GoHighLevel shines by providing a wide range of mastering/learning resources. These include video tutorials, documents, and webinars, which can significantly help master its competencies. 

Keap offers a mixture of films, guides, and articles that are easy to comprehend. It focuses a lot on getting users to understand it quickly, which is excellent for people new to marketing automation and CRM.

Which Solution Offers White-Label?

By taking out any GHL branding components, GoHighLevel users can white-label the funnels, websites, and landing pages they develop. This comprises choices as follows:

  • By removing any GHL branding components, GHL users can white-label the funnels, websites, and landing pages they develop. This comprises choices for:
  • Remove all GoHighLevel logos, icons, and footer credits. Add your own domain.
  • Change the theme colors and dashboard logos.

Agencies can really benefit from this when creating assets for customers. It allows them to produce a fully branded product, which can improve customers’ perceptions of their credibility. 

Keap does not offer white-label services; however, you and your clients are supported by their support team. All the features are included  in the monthly/yearly base price.

The certified GHL professionals at HexaClicks offer fully white-labeled, done-for-you services if you want to take advantage of GoHigh Level’s white-label functionality but lack the time or expertise to create your own funnels, sites, and sales automation. Get in touch with them right now to arrange a cost-effective, branded GHL account setup.

Which Solution Provides Better Reporting & Analytics?

GHL offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities designed to provide thorough and in-depth insights into your advertising campaigns. You can also analyze client engagement and average business performance. GoHighLevel’s analytics are specially designed for businesses that wish to reveal and fine-tune their strategies.

Keap offers streamlined, easy-to-understand reporting for a wide range of businesses. It provides actionable and clean insights that are made for SMBs aiming for growth and effective campaigns.

Is Keap or GoHighLevel a Better Option?

It is clear that both platforms offer powerful tools designed for developing and strengthening businesses. Both tools have features that are specific to their needs and include automation, CRM expertise, user-friendly interfaces, robust network support, and other capabilities. But when it comes to choosing a platform that provides outstanding flexibility, an extensive feature set, and a strong framework intended for operational expansion, GoHighLevel comes out on top.

FAQs – Go High Level vs Keap

How old is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel has been around since 2018; it was founded by Shaun Clark & Varun Vairavan.

What is SaaS mode in GHL?

It is a license to sell software owned by HighLevel, which you can sell as yours.

Can you create a website on GHL?

Yes, you can create custom websites without extensive programming or coding knowledge.

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