GoHighLevel Vs. Klaviyo Which CRM Reigns Supreme?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for the most effective tool to improve your marketing initiatives and interact with your audience.

It can get challenging to choose a platform for your business when there are so many options available. Two of the biggest names in the digital marketing landscape are GoHighLevel and Klaviyo; which is best for your business? Picking the right best-suited platform is necessary to ensure business growth.

In this blog, we will analyze the features of both platforms, giving you the necessary information to make the right decision. Let’s evaluate! 

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GoHighLevel Vs. Klaviyo – Overview

Though each platform has perks of its own, which is best for your company? Your choice can greatly impact your marketing success, whether you’re building an established brand or launching a new one. Here’s an overview of the two platforms.


GoHighLevel, launched in 2018, is an all-in-one platform offering extensive tools and features. It is more than just a marketing tool. GoHighLevel provides a feature-rich customer relationship management solution to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as entrepreneurs. It streamlines agency processes by offering tools like email marketing, automated features, pipeline management, appointment scheduling, and sales funnels, all inside a single platform. 

GHL claims to save time by automating time-consuming tasks, offering simple solutions for complex business needs, and ensuring that agencies have the resources needed to build client connections from the start. Through the optimization of several workflows and generally increased productivity, GHL significantly enhances lead generation, sales process automation, and customer relationship management. 


With the ability to personalize emails and SMS messages, optimize customer journeys and interactions, and revolutionize marketing strategies, Klaviyo drives business success across e-commerce ecosystems.

It offers more functionality than other SMS marketing solutions because it combines email and SMS marketing into a valuable and effective all-in-one marketing platform.  It allows you to run bulk SMS campaigns and customize each message using sophisticated automation. Content management is simple and automated. With Klaviyo, you can design multi-channel customer experiences and manage everything from a single platform.  

GoHighLevel Vs. Klaviyo: Key Features Comparison

Features GHL Klaviyo


All-in-one marketing, sales, and CRM platform

Email marketing automation tailored for e-commerce businesses


  • Landing pages & funnels
  • Advanced CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Customizable Funnels
  • White-Labeling
  • Video Hosting
  • Reputation Management
  • Blogging Platform
  • Powerful Segmentation
  • Automation 
  • Scalability
  • Integration: E-commerce platforms
  • A/B Testing
  • Dynamic Content
  • SMS Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Klaviyo AI
  • Communities & Support


  • Starter: $97/month (unlimited contacts, funnels, and landing pages)
  • $297/month (Everything in the starter package, API access, unlimited sub-accounts, branded desktop app)
  • Both offer 14-day free trials
  • Email & SMS: Starts at $60/month. (1,001-1,500 active profiles, mobile push notifications, email and chat support)
  • Email: Starts at $45. (1,001-1,500 active profiles, 15,000 monthly emails, 150 free SMS/MMS credits, email and chat support)
  • Free: $0/month. (500 monthly emails, 150 free SMS/MMS credits, email support for the first 60 days)

Target Users

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Businesses/professionals who require comprehensive tools
  • E-commerce companies that want to use client data to increase direct sales

Which Platform Offers Better Integration Capabilities?

GoHighLevel excels because of how many third-party integrations it offers. It gives its users a single system with CRM, sales, and marketing features. A selection of integrated third-party apps is provided below:

  • Zapier
  • Slack
  • Google
  • Tiktok
  • Quickbooks.
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Facebook 
  • WordPress
  • Instagram
  • Zoom
  • Twilio
  • WhatsApp
  • PayPal

With a greater emphasis on e-commerce, Klaviyo offers its users seamless connection with BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. 

Which One is Best for Automation?

GoHighLevel provides its users with strong automation features that can help streamline repetitive tasks. You can easily set up automated email campaigns, follow up on quality leads, and even make use of behavior-based email automation. Its extensive automation features go way beyond just emails, which lets users automate their business processes on various marketing platforms.

Klaviyo has centralized automation. Its users can create advanced sequences that automatically respond to customer actions. You can easily set up the following:

  • Email Automation
  • SMS Automation

Which Platform Provides Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

As its core, GoHighLevel provides its users with a powerful built-in CRM. You can easily:

  • Manage customer interactions
  • Track and monitor leads
  • Organize customer data
  • Automate business processes
  • Boost efficiency
  • Streamline communication
  • Oversee and optimize sales processes

While Klaviyo works well as an ESP, particularly for e-commerce platforms, companies needing a full CRM system for email support may want to consider other options. You can think about combining Klaviyo’s expertise in email assistance with a specialized CRM platform for customer service, like GHL.

Which Solution Offers Better Reporting & Analytics

GoHighLevel can effectively measure and monitor a range of data across several marketing channels and offer its users comprehensive, actionable reports. The analytics provided by GHL are quite useful in helping understand the success of campaigns and the company’s overall growth.

Klaviyo offers reports and real-time statistics on e-commerce indicators such as customer retention, revenue generation, and conversion rates. It also assists in analyzing a particular marketing effort’s performance and efficacy. 

Which Platform Provides White-Labeling?

GHL lets its users rebrand the landing pages and funnels they create. You can provide your client with more branded and polished material under your name. It can let you remove its logo so that you can gain more confidence among your customer base. If you don’t have the time to create sales funnels, websites, and landing pages, you can always outsource white labeling. Call HexaClicks for ready-to-go services and to set up your GHL account.

Klaviyo also offers a white-label program that allows you to customize your email templates, brand notifications and make changes to the user interface

Which Platform Offers Better Content & Email Marketing?

GHL is well known for its efficient content management and marketing techniques. The platform allows users to create blogs. This feature is essential to content marketing since it enables companies to create engaging and instructive content that will improve search engine rankings, draw more customers, and position them as industry leaders. Additionally, GHL offers a vast array of solutions for social media management and email marketing.

There isn’t a strong content management system available with Klaviyo. It does, however, provide users with content features and tools for A/B testing—both essential for email marketing.

GoHighLevel Vs. Klaviyo: Additional Features

GoHighLevels excels because of its many features, which are all easily accessible in one location. It offers unique features, including online course and membership site building, affiliate management, brand reputation management, and video hosting.

With its own Klaviyo AI, Klaviyo provides users with powerful AI-driven marketing capabilities and predictive analytics. It can efficiently improve send-times and boost customer interaction, two critical aspects of e-commerce businesses.

GoHighLevel Vs. Klaviyo: Which One Wins The Battle?

GHL is a better choice for companies looking to optimize marketing and operational effectiveness. It works best for companies that don’t want to handle different tools on several platforms:

You can easily optimize lead management, sales, marketing, and customer relations.

GHL distinguishes itself by offering essential learning materials and community assistance, which enable firms to optimize their plans effectively. 

FAQs – Go High Level vs Klaviyo

Are GoHighLevel integrations free?

Yes, integrating a third-party app is free. However, the app itself may have subscription fees.

Is GoHighLevel good for E-commerce?

It is a powerful platform that can help you easily manage your e-commerce business processes.

Does GoHighLevel host websites?

GHL provides a feature that lets you host and manage your WordPress websites directly from it. 

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