Go High Level Vs. Systeme.Io In-Depth Comparison

Go High Level and Systeme.Io are popular all-in-one marketing software solutions designed to help businesses boost leads and sales. Both platforms offer tools for building sales funnels, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more.

But with overlapping features, it can be tricky to determine which software is the better fit for your specific needs and budget. This comprehensive guide compares GoHighLevel and Systeme regarding features, pricing, pros and cons, and more to help you make an informed decision.

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Go High Level – Overview

GoHighLevel (GHL) is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation software designed for high-ticket service providers like coaches, consultants, advisors, and other professionals selling premium offers. 

GHL provides a high-converting funnel builder to take prospects from discovery calls to paid clients, advanced CRM and calendar management, powerful appointment automation, email, SMS, chat messaging, client onboarding systems, payment integrations, and more.

Systeme.Io – Overview

Systeme.Io is a relatively new all-in-one online business growth platform with a broader range of marketing and conversion-focused tools for small businesses, online entrepreneurs, creators, and digital marketers. 

Key capabilities include intuitive funnel builder, conversion-focused templates, email marketing and automation, affiliate marketing tracking, membership site creation, online course development, basic CRM and helpdesk functions, drag-and-drop website builder, e-commerce capabilities, and flexible integrations.

GHL Vs Systeme.Io: Side By Side Comparison

Features GHL Systeme.io


All-in-one sales & marketing automation

Website builder, sales funnels, email marketing, online courses


CRM, email marketing, landing pages, funnels, SMS marketing, appointment scheduling, social media management, built-in white-label agency tools

Website builder, landing pages, sales funnels, email marketing, online courses, membership sites, webinars, blog, e-commerce


Starts at $97/month for all features

It starts at $27/month for the Free plan; additional features require higher tiers ($47/month for Pro, $97/month for Enterprise)


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Affordable pricing, especially for an all-in-one package 
  • White-label agency tools 
  • Powerful automation features 
  • Mobile app
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • Comprehensive marketing tools, including webinars and blog
  • Affordable pricing for basic features
  • Large user community and support


  • Limited customization options compared to Systeme.io's website builder 
  • Less robust CRM functionalities
  • Focus on marketing automation might not suit businesses needing advanced sales management.
  • Limited CRM functionalities, not ideal for complex sales pipelines 
  • The free plan has limited features and branding 
  • Upselling to access core features

Go High Level Vs Systeme.Io: Which One is Better?

Which is Better for Sales Funnels?

GoHighLevel is better for building sales funnels, especially for high-ticket coaching, consulting, and professional services businesses. With this advanced drag-and-drop funnel builder, you can automate webinars, discovery calls, audits, proposal processes, and more.

There are templates to launch coaching funnels fast and customize complex multi-step funnel workflows targeted to service sellers—reporting and analytics track funnel performance from lead to client. 

Systeme, however, is more focused on straightforward sales funnels for eCommerce or low-medium-priced digital products. Although it provides good templates and customization options, the complexity and conversion options differ from the high-ticket coaching elements GoHighLevel offers.

Which is Better for Marketing Automation?

GoHighLevel provides significantly robust functionality across the entire client lifecycle for comprehensive marketing automation. Powerful tools automate appointment scheduling, call/email sequences, client onboarding flows, referral requests, and more without manual intervention. System covers the basics of email marketing automation quite well, including sequences, basic SMS/web push notifications, lead segmentation, etc. 

However, it needs advanced workflows specific to appointment setting, discovery calls, referrals, and retention, which is critical to service businesses. Automation revolves mainly around emails and notifications. Simply put, to truly automate complex marketing qualified lead nurturing end-to-end, GoHighLevel has the edge for its business-specific focus.

Which one has a Better Website Builder?

Regarding the integrated website builder, Systeme has an easier-to-use drag-and-drop editor with great templates and customization options, allowing anyone to launch a professional website or landing pages quickly. The visual editor and hundreds of templates make it intuitive even for beginners. 

GoHighLevel also packs a website builder but focuses only on simple landing pages rather than entire websites. The functionality is more basic and less visually intuitive, requiring some web development knowledge for fuller customization. Systeme allows far better website creation flexibility for the average user.

Which One is Affordable?

Without a doubt, Systeme offers budget-friendly pricing starting at only $97/month for its Base plan. This makes it very attractive for solopreneurs, early-stage startups, and small businesses concerned about cost. GoHighLevel’s cheapest pricing tier begins at $297/month for the Scale plan, almost 3X more than Systeme’s starter pricing. 

Systeme’s Ascend plan is $497/month for advanced features, which is still much more affordable than the $997/month Ascend tier from GoHighLevel. Systeme wins hands down in affordability and budget-conscious pricing for those looking to maximize value per dollar spent.

Which is Best for Agencies?

GHL has built-in support and training for agencies that manage multiple team members and clients. Its white-label options are also great for agencies. However, advanced users can also manage agencies effectively in Systeme with its client management capabilities, though not as tailored to businesses like GHL.

Which of them Provides White Label?

GoHighLevel has dedicated white label options to remove branding for client work or your products. Systeme does not explicitly offer white labeling, but advanced users can minimize branding.

Those looking for fully white-labeled GoHighLevel funnels and coaching services customized under their brand should contact our specialized agency, HexaClicks. Our team of experts can provide white-label GHL funnel setups, email templates, SMS scripts, and more to launch your high-end coaching services with exclusive brand representation for your clients.

Customer Support and Resources

GoHighLevel provides many resources, including documentation, weekly live training, private access to community experts, and one-on-one support. However, some users report slower-than-expected support response times.

Systeme.Io offers email-based support, blog resources, and documentation. However, support response times could be faster, according to reviews. The platform relies more on its engaged community forum for questions than direct support.

Final Verdict

Choosing between GoHighLevel and Systeme depends mainly on your budget and business model.

For services-based businesses selling high ticket offers, automated sales processes, and advanced marketing flows, GoHighLevel justifies the higher price with its specialization in coaching and consulting. The platform provides industry-tailored tools unmatched by Systeme.

For simpler marketing and sales needs, solopreneurs, or small product businesses that prioritize affordability, Systeme is a capable lower-priced alternative covering fundamental and advanced functionality like membership sites.

Ensure the tool aligns with your business growth strategy before deciding which is better for you. Spend some time reviewing the free trials before committing.

FAQs – Go High Level vs Systeme.Io

What is better than Systeme IO?

When looking for options to Systeme.io, it’s also important to think about customer service and email marketing. For the most part, MailerLite is the best option to Systeme.io. Other apps that work like Systeme.io are AWeber, Intuit Mailchimp, Moosend, and Instantly.

Is Systeme.io free forever?

Without the need for a payment card, Systeme.io is completely free forever! 

Can I sell products on Systeme io?

Systeme.io is a complete platform for running and advertising an online business. An important benefit is that it lets you run your whole business from a single platform. This includes building your website and sales funnel, turning leads into customers, and selling digital goods. 

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