Checklist for choosing a White Label Partner for your Digital Marketing Agency

Who are White Label Service Providers?


A White label digital marketing agency partners with other agencies to complete their fulfillment services. These agency partners can help you scale and automate your company’s growth by drawing on any irregularities that might hinder them. When choosing a white-label digital marketing service provider, you have to keep in mind the following factors:


    1. Company history

Look for a service provider whose company has been operating in the industry for quite some time. 7 years or more is good enough to build up solid experience in the business, giving them an edge over other competitors who might still be struggling with their soft launch or initial years in the industry.


    1. Diverse team members

Today’s digital marketing is a highly competitive business and you need to find the best people available in the market. Look for service providers that not only offer diverse services but also have experts on your specific industry or niche, giving them first-hand information about how to benefit from their service. 


Another reason why you need a diverse team is to have experts on various digital marketing skills. This way, they can cater to the needs of their clients by understanding what works best for them and effectively implementing it into their own strategies.


    1. Strong client base

Every marketer’s goal is to find companies that have an excellent track record of running successful campaigns. You don’t want to pick a company that doesn’t have a good relationship with other companies in the field or those who might not be able to provide the best customer service once you sign up for their services. That’s why you need to pick a company that has a strong client base and has been in the industry for years, with most of these clients constantly renewing their services.


    1. High conversion rates

You surely don’t want to pick a service provider whose expertise or strategies do not match your industry or company goals. Look for white-label service providers who have been credited for their high conversion rates and ROI, giving you a higher chance of achieving your business goals and repeating this success in the future.


    1. Strong project management

A good white-label service provider has a corporate culture that is set in stone and their work ethics also reflect this strong belief. Look for providers who have a track record of completing projects on time, keeping clients updated with the progress at all times, and making sure each task is executed properly from start to finish. 


Project management Is essential when running a digital marketing campaign as it keeps you updated on the progress of your marketing strategies and helps you monitor how everything is going. If a white label service provider doesn’t have strong project management skills, then they can’t ensure that your marketing campaigns will run smoothly.


    1. Comprehensive services

A good provider should be able to offer a complete range of marketing services that are customized based on your business goals. They should have the best technology and techniques to support their service, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can always rely on them for successful campaigns in the future.


    1. Guaranteed customer satisfaction

A good provider will always ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services. Look for one who has a penchant for providing 100% customer satisfaction, giving you the opportunity to refer them to your fellow business partners or friends who might need digital marketing support in the future. You will eventually figure out that this is one of the best ways to have your digital marketing campaigns supported with minimal costs.


    1. Tech-friendly interface

The user interface of your company’s website should be clear and direct. The white-label service provider should also have a user-friendly interface, one that you can easily use for your own customers when they seek support from your company in the future. 


Digital marketing is more than just sending emails and banners to your constituents; it requires a lot of work on the backend side, helping you manage email campaigns, traffic flow analysis, and optimizing landing pages. 

If a service provider already integrates into all aspects of their business with other departments such as CRMs and the latest tools you can eliminate extra costs required by third-party integrations.

    1. Ongoing support

Once you sign up with any of the providers, they should offer you ongoing support through their team members or by simply updating you with all the developments in your campaigns. 


Look for providers who don’t just see you as another customer but genuinely care about your business goals and might even offer their full assistance if you need it in the future.


    1. Transparency

When choosing an agency to work with, look for regulatory compliances and transparency in dealings with clients. Only work with providers that provide full disclosure of their business practices and financial conditions.


    1. Affordability

The historical records for SEO services or digital marketing service providers both nationally and internationally prove that this competitive market has the highest percentage of companies offering higher rates compared to other industries. 


Thus, you should look for a provider that offers affordable rates without compromising the quality of its services.


    1. Get references

Before making a final decision, ask potential providers for a list of references from past clients who used to work with them in the past. 


Look for companies offering different packages and compare each one based on what they offer, their track record, client testimonials, and costs.


    1. Reputation

Don’t just rely on the promises of a company you are thinking of hiring for SEO services or PPC advertising, but look up their reputation on different review websites to get an idea about their past clients’ satisfaction with the services they have offered them. 


You can also check with the current clients of the provider to find out if they are offering high-quality services that can benefit your business.


    1. Look for an agency

The most successful service providers today are those who have evolved into agencies capable of handling various campaigns simultaneously. Instead of hiring different white label companies, look for one with an existing network of professionals that can handle a number of campaigns at a time.


    1. Get more than just SEO or PPC

Before making a decision, look for providers who can offer not only advertising services but also value-added services such as market research and reputation management to make sure your website is safe from spam and negative opinions posted on different platforms.


    1. Get access to their arsenal

Instead of investing in different marketing campaigns, look for providers who can offer an all-in-one service that allows you to get benefits from online marketing campaigns like SEO, PPC advertising, and social media promotions simultaneously. 


You should also look for companies offering graphic design services so your company’s website will have a unique style that will attract more customers.


    1. 24/7 support

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and your business needs to keep up with it too. Since you don’t get breaks when working offline, look for providers offering their services around the clock so dealing with clients becomes easier even when you are busy. This is especially important when you are looking for real-time support or live chats, which can help resolve problems that might arise right away.


    1. International service

Since SEO and digital marketing agencies work better when they have a wide network of professionals, look for a provider that can provide search engine optimization and PPC advertising services for different languages and cultures simultaneously. 


Only the biggest players in this industry can offer this kind of long-term solution to your business. 

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