As a digital marketer, most of your time will be spent on modifying your sales funnel and generating business. The question that follows is: what about the existing client? How would you keep them satisfied? How would you balance the two? 

When expanding a business, new leads will be your top priority. Retaining your current clients will be a challenge. Now, most digital marketing companies will try to do both by themselves simultaneously. This is where their schedule will get chaotic. Client services and the on-boarding process will be prone to mismanagement. 



What if we managed our big picture, our question of the day, just like we manage our day-to-day tasks?

If we fill up this table for a digital marketing company that is trying to scale and grow, their most urgent task will be to set up their campaign and bring in leads. They will cater to their onboarding clients on the spot. They cannot delegate this task to someone else entirely especially if they are a small or medium-sized company. 


The second aspect is to keep your current clients happy and that entirely depends on the quality, deliverability, and results of their required services, be it PPC, SEO or Website revamp. 

Can you hire someone else to cover your client’s requirements?


This is a complex question because client services are not limited to a few tasks left and right. It requires fulfillment management, communication handling, and generating reports. You can ease your workload by relying on technology where you can. 


Automate standard administrative processes such as scheduled meetings, weekly reports, and managing client relations. If you are skilled at one aspect of your digital campaign such as SEO but require more assistance for PPC campaigns, can you hire someone else to take on the tasks, reports, and result-oriented approach? 

It entirely depends on you if you want to opt for a freelancer, a bigger in-house team or a white label partner like HexaClicks. 


Who else can manage your company’s growth?

Well, the most equipped person would be another digital marketing agency but one that isn’t your competitor. These partners can help you scale and automate your company’s growth by drawing on any irregularities that might hinder them. 


If you hire a freelancer, chances are that you might have to recruit new faces for every other project. 


How to manage your overbooked calendar?


You can begin scheduling with your customers, you’ll be able to manage the excess workload. You can also set aside a cycle that enables internal communication and collaboration among your team members in all aspects of their business.


Setting up yearly goals will help everyone understand how much effort they need to allocate on different projects and make it easy for them to target which clients are more critical than others.   It’s important when managing customer growth that you set clear and transparent boundaries with your clients about your availability and timings. 


They can reach you during a mutually decided time slot but out-of-office calls are not possible to keep up with especially when you consider the amount of workflow that you’d be receiving. 


By setting up a team behind the scenes, digital marketing agencies like yours can easily manage the flow of work between the customer and their team. You will also be benefited from it by getting to know your clients better.


Make the best choices for your clients and your company


You will need to assess your own expertise and skills to see what part of your business you can handle and what part you can let someone else manage. What you’re best at will be something for you to focus on entirely. The other part that you’ll delegate will be the one you won’t have to worry about. 


This is the part where HexaClicks can cover for you. We take care of all the SEO, PPC, Website development, and design part of the client’s work. In addition, we also create audits, analysis, and strategy reports that will tremendously reduce your workload. We ensure that we equip you with supporting documents and analysis that will help you during your strategy calls with your leads. Our in-depth analysis and audit reports skyrocket your conversion rate.


Explore different options to see what would work for your company. Your choice should take into account your budget, the quality of deliverables, and timely deliverability. At the end of the day, you get to decide who to delegate this part of your job. I could be an in-house member, a freelancer, or a partner like HexaClicks. 

If you are still confused as to which one you should choose, you can go through our other article on In-house vs Freelance vs White Label. 

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